HAZOP for leaders and team members Bucharest (2 Days)


HAZOP for leaders and team members

 Bucharest, Romania


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Adria Expert organizes a new course of training, for leaders and team members, lasting for two days, about HAZOP/HAZID methodology and technique.



HAZOP study is one of the most used methods to identify risks worldwide, and it has applications in many industries and in various fields.

Maximum effectiveness in HAZOP studies requires skilled team leaders and members, with a good understandig of the HAZOP methodology and devoted to these studies.

This is an integrated course that uses examples drawn from a number of studies, including the petrochemical industry, automotive and water processing plants, aimed to effectively initiate in HAZOP technique , both leaders as well as team members.

These examples and case studies will cover all the essential aspects of the method, applicable to continuous processes, sequential operations or computer controlled processes, SCADA.

There will also be discussed the relations between HAZOP and other methods to identify risks (HAZID).

At this course, participants will learn about

– the HAZOP Methodology  (Hazard and Operability) theory, examples

– Decision making

– Leading a HAZOP study

– the HAZOP study documentation

– Working with the HAZOP Manager Software

Course objectives

  • provide participants with information of the conceptual and practical HAZOP techniques and present them the importance of these techniques for existing systems or those being developed
  • how these systems can be improved to have a safe operation
  • develop the ability to use the HAZOP analysis through examples and case studies

Who should attend this course

Plant Designers, professional risk assessors, auditors, process engineers, technicians and supervisors, managers of factories and mills, project managers in any fields (oil&gas, power plants, hydropower, car building, industrial plants, software, heavy equipment, mining, etc), employees responsible for the maintenance processes or safety systems, plant operators, maintenance personnel, individuals designated  responsible for the quality management system, internal auditors.

All training courses can be adapted to suit your organization. The course can take place at our facilities or In-House, at your company.

The tariff of participation contains:

– a map wich includes training materials, different forms and information

– a Power Point presentation

HAZOP Manager Software (last version, a license for each participant)

– coffee and refreshments

– examination of participants and Diploma/ Certificate of Studies in Romanian

Course Agenda

Day I

– Welcoming of participants

-Introduction. Legislative aspects –  Concepts of process safety management and risk management

– Credible/unreliable scenarios and possible causes

– “What-if/checklist” techniques

HAZOP methodology & approach for continuous processes

– Coffe break

-HAZOP in control systems – HAZOP team: importance, composition, roles and responsabilities

– Coffe break

– HAZOP – reporting, monitoring and taking actions- Open discussion, questions and conclusions

Day II

– Welcoming of participants

-HAZOP – Workshop Examples, Case studies – Software HAZOp Manager

– Coffe break

-Failure modes and effects analysis- Protective layers

–  Compare HAZOP with other techniques of risk analysis

– Examples, Case studies

– Coffe break

-Test- Open discussion, questions and conclusions, the diplomas of participation

HAZOp Manager Software

By using HAZOP Manager Software, one can perform simple and complex HAZOP studies. This software offers a range of facilities, so that  the HAZOP team has a full management on the study, obtaining the best results. It also generates reports which are easy to follow and presented in an appealing way. There are facilities to export reports in pdf and excel as appropriate.

The software also has modules for WHAT-IF and HAZID analysis.

The software granted to this course  has a menu in Romanian, but it can generate reports in both Romanian and English.
The english menu version is ordered separately.


About course:

The presentation will be supported by: Eng. Adrian Ispasoiu

Course Length: 2 days, 6 hours/day (+breaks)

Tariff of participation: 850 Lei/person (VAT not included)

Discounts applied:

  • participants from previous WS& HAZOP Courses receive 50 Lei reduction

–  participation of at least 3 people from the same company receive a total reduction of 150 Lei

Minimum number of participants:8   Maximum number of participants:15

Location:Bucharest, Valter Maracineanu Market no.3

How to apply:


Secretariat Tel. 021 311 83 29 Email: cursuri@adriaexpert.ro
Adrian Ispăsoiu Tel. 0745 039 773 Email: adrian@adriaexpert.ro
Fax: 021 311 83 29

Payment information: Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

After confirming the payment, a tax invoice will be issued.

Entry Deadline: 5 working days prior to the course date


– The registration of course participants will be in the order of submission of applications and payment.

– Replacing a registered participant is allowed at any time until the start of the course, with prior written notice.

– A copy of the payment order will be sent before the course starts.

– Canceling an entry made, with reimbursement of amounts paid minus 10%+VAT, can be done no later than 10 working days before the course starts. In case of cancelling a registration, repayment will not be made if the cancel is made in fewer than 10 days before the course starts. Only written cancellation (fax or email) is taken into account.

– Organisers may have objective reasoning to modify the date of the course , with a prior notice of 4 working days before the date stated on this leaflet.

– The leaflet with  presentation of the course (invitation), together with the entry form (as part), represents the agreement between the parties.


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