Categoria OSH

Risk assessments


Assessing the risks of injury and occupational disease represents an important milestone which includes the following:

– Delimitation work system reviewed;

– Evaluation team;

Identifying risk factors;

Establish consequences on the human body;

Framing consequences classes of severity and frequency;

Entry level of risk in determining the level of global risk;

Ranking of risk factors in descending order of risk levels;

Establishing measures to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases;

Preparing Plan for Prevention and Protection under H.G.1425 / 2006 following the assessment of risks;

Drawing measurement sheets following the assessment of risks.

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Services Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)


ADRIA EXPERT offers the following services to the provisions of Law 319/2006 on health and safety at work and Norms for the application of the law by signing a service contract:

Hazard identification and risk assessment for each system component work or executive task work means work / work equipment and work environment on jobs / workstations;

Developing and updating the plan of prevention and protection;

Drafting instructions for completing and / or impose safety regulations and occupational health, taking into account the activities and the unit / company and the job / workstation;

The proposal duties and responsibilities in health and safety at work, incumbent workers, properly exercised functions that are written in the job description with the employer’s approval;

– ...