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OHS risk assessment application – MERP

 Through this software performs a risk assessment based on the identification, analysis, evaluation and risk assessment, and the most efficient measures for prevention and protection.

Who should attend this Application

  • Professional Risk Assessors,
  • Auditors,
  • Process engineers,
  • Technicians and supervisors,
  • Managers of factories and mills,
  • Project managers in any field,
  • Responsible with maintenance processes,
  • Responsible with safety systems
  • Company Directors

The software MERP is designed for companies considered any system work, for which Health and Safety at Work Act no. 319/2006 with subsequent amendments establishes mandatory risk assessment in terms of safety and health for all jobs in the system of work analyzed.

In Romania are recorded daily death and three occupational diseases...


Risk assessments


Assessing the risks of injury and occupational disease represents an important milestone which includes the following:

– Delimitation work system reviewed;

– Evaluation team;

Identifying risk factors;

Establish consequences on the human body;

Framing consequences classes of severity and frequency;

Entry level of risk in determining the level of global risk;

Ranking of risk factors in descending order of risk levels;

Establishing measures to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases;

Preparing Plan for Prevention and Protection under H.G.1425 / 2006 following the assessment of risks;

Drawing measurement sheets following the assessment of risks.

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