Categoria PSI

PSI-OSH equipments


ADRIA EXPERT offers the following services regarding verification, filling and reconditioning fire extinguishers:

dismantling, emptying, cleaning  fire extinguishers;

– unit cost of replacement extinguishing agent;

– unit cost of replacement extinguishing agent

We offer full range of new extinguishers:

powder fire extinguishers

fire extinguishers with mechanical foam

fire extinguishers with CO2

Also, our company offers the following services and products:

drawing up evacuation plans and plan for the defense against fire:

– OSH auxiliary materials

First Aid kits

warning signs (stickers)

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Emergency services (PSI services)


Preparing and/or updating PSI File;

Organization of defense against fire workplaces;

Making Induction Training;

Transcription Training;

Planning and execution of periodic controls for detecting and removing danger & informing management of the company;

Establish special measures for fire protection or dry hot periods;

Developing the plan for evacuation in case of earthquake;

Fire protection plan preparation: evacuation plan;

Instructions for fire protection and  employees’ tasks at workplaces;

– PSI Training for managers and employees;

Participation, together with the employer at IGSU controls;

Planning and execution of exercises on how to act in case of fire;

Providing,verification and charging fire extinguishers;

Evacuation drills an...