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OSH Audit Software


Help build a health and safety audit at a complex job.


This software is mainly addressed to:

– OSH auditors

– OSH Risk assessors

labor inspectors

officials of companies on issues of OSH



OHS audit is a component of the evaluation  and it is necessary to diagnose the state of compliance systematic management system of the organization in relation to the legal provisions in the OSH.

With this software you can manage OHS Compliance Audit.

TARIF: 700 LEI + VAT/license

For details and orders, please contact us at  phone: 0040745039773 or by e-mail

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Software for identifying and assessing OSH risks – HAZOP Manager


HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Analysis) HAZOP analysis is used to identify potential hazards and operational problems in terms of technical failure and human error.


Who should attend this Application

  • Professional Risk Assessors,
  • Auditors,
  • Process engineers,
  • Technicians and supervisors,
  • Managers of factories and mills,
  • Project managers in any field,
  • Responsible with maintenance processes,
  • Responsible with safety systems
  • Company Directors


The application also has modules for HAZOP and What-if analysis.

The application has a menu in Romanian, but it can generate reports in both Romanian and English.
The english menu version is ordered separately.

TARIFF: 1400 lei + VAT/license

For details and orders, please contact us at Phone No. 0745039773 or by E-mail


FMEA – LOPA Course 2017 (2 days)



Adria Expert togheter with  ARSSM  Bucharest-Ilfov Branch are pleased to announce a new training course , lasting two days, regarding methodology and technique F M E A – LOPA.

Secretariat Phone 021 311 83 29 E-mail:
Adrian Ispăsoiu Phone 0745 039 773 E-mail:
Fax: 021 311 83 29

You can buy directly: BUY NOW!

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OHS risk assessment application – MERP

 Through this software performs a risk assessment based on the identification, analysis, evaluation and risk assessment, and the most efficient measures for prevention and protection.

Who should attend this Application

  • Professional Risk Assessors,
  • Auditors,
  • Process engineers,
  • Technicians and supervisors,
  • Managers of factories and mills,
  • Project managers in any field,
  • Responsible with maintenance processes,
  • Responsible with safety systems
  • Company Directors

The software MERP is designed for companies considered any system work, for which Health and Safety at Work Act no. 319/2006 with subsequent amendments establishes mandatory risk assessment in terms of safety and health for all jobs in the system of work analyzed.

In Romania are recorded daily death and three occupational diseases...


Risk assessments


Assessing the risks of injury and occupational disease represents an important milestone which includes the following:

– Delimitation work system reviewed;

– Evaluation team;

Identifying risk factors;

Establish consequences on the human body;

Framing consequences classes of severity and frequency;

Entry level of risk in determining the level of global risk;

Ranking of risk factors in descending order of risk levels;

Establishing measures to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases;

Preparing Plan for Prevention and Protection under H.G.1425 / 2006 following the assessment of risks;

Drawing measurement sheets following the assessment of risks.

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Services Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)


ADRIA EXPERT offers the following services to the provisions of Law 319/2006 on health and safety at work and Norms for the application of the law by signing a service contract:

Hazard identification and risk assessment for each system component work or executive task work means work / work equipment and work environment on jobs / workstations;

Developing and updating the plan of prevention and protection;

Drafting instructions for completing and / or impose safety regulations and occupational health, taking into account the activities and the unit / company and the job / workstation;

The proposal duties and responsibilities in health and safety at work, incumbent workers, properly exercised functions that are written in the job description with the employer’s approval;

– ...


PSI-OSH equipments


ADRIA EXPERT offers the following services regarding verification, filling and reconditioning fire extinguishers:

dismantling, emptying, cleaning  fire extinguishers;

– unit cost of replacement extinguishing agent;

– unit cost of replacement extinguishing agent

We offer full range of new extinguishers:

powder fire extinguishers

fire extinguishers with mechanical foam

fire extinguishers with CO2

Also, our company offers the following services and products:

drawing up evacuation plans and plan for the defense against fire:

– OSH auxiliary materials

First Aid kits

warning signs (stickers)

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Emergency services (PSI services)


Preparing and/or updating PSI File;

Organization of defense against fire workplaces;

Making Induction Training;

Transcription Training;

Planning and execution of periodic controls for detecting and removing danger & informing management of the company;

Establish special measures for fire protection or dry hot periods;

Developing the plan for evacuation in case of earthquake;

Fire protection plan preparation: evacuation plan;

Instructions for fire protection and  employees’ tasks at workplaces;

– PSI Training for managers and employees;

Participation, together with the employer at IGSU controls;

Planning and execution of exercises on how to act in case of fire;

Providing,verification and charging fire extinguishers;

Evacuation drills an...


Packaging and packaging waste



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HAZOP-HAZID Workshop – Risk management



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